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In His Shadow Chapter VI - The Outcast
He stared, mouth open in stunned silence. He couldn’t even remember how to move. Should he even be moving? Thinking? Shouldn’t he say something?
He closed his mouth. His throat was dry and scratchy. If only there was water.
Browning leaves fell like snow around Link’s guardian, forming an imperfect ring around the base of the tree. Another long moment passed.
Today had started out as the happiest day of his young life. That very morning, a fairy guardian had finally come to him. Their first meeting hadn’t been what he’d expected—she’d rudely woken him from bed and berated him until he’d gone to see the Great Deku Tree. But all the same, he’d reveled in the knowledge that he at last had a fairy guardian to call his own. He was a true Kokiri now.
The fairy, Navi, was hovering anxiously a few feet from him, as shocked as he was.
“Great Deku Tree?” she asked tentatively to thin air.
Link swallowed hard. “I think&
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In His Shadow Chapter V - The Orphanage
Castle Town had been Hyrule’s quaint, bustling capital for generations. It had long ago surpassed the size of a town and become a fully-fledged city. In terms of size and population, it had grown slowly but steadily like a mighty oak tree. It was crowded, but sturdy and sustaining.
Ever since the Unification War, however, the sudden influx of refugees and newly parentless children had caused a problem. Accommodation had been the biggest concern, rapidly fixed with the addition of the West Quarter. The orphanages, however, had simply stretched their resources to the limit to house the increase in children whose parents had perished in the war.
All of Castle Town’s dozen or so homes for children were owned by noble families. It wasn’t a terribly lucrative business; most had been bought by kind-hearted nobles wishing to aid the less fortunate, and kept in the family through inheritance.
There was no doubt that the current holder of the Palardine family fortune had no int
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In His Shadow IV - The Boy Without a Fairy
Hyrule Castle
“Open the gate!”
The barked order stirred the soldiers patrolling the western wall to action. In a frenzy they took their positions; it required the strength of two men to operate the drawbridge pulley. With the usual clink and rattle, the chain came free, dropping the heavy wooden door with alarming speed. It fell into place with a dull thunk, allowing the visitors to pass.
“To your stations!” the lieutenant shouted, keeping the sentry guards moving.
The western wall was Hyrule Castle’s secondary entrance, a way to bypass the hustle and bustle of Castle Town and head straight for the castle. Of course, it also required passing by a heavily guarded passage and the soldiers’ barracks. The procession crossed the bridge without fanfare. A small group on horseback, they followed their path steadily up to the castle’s second gate: the final obstacle before reaching the inside.
The leader of the group tightened his grip on the re
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In His Shadow III - The Nightmare
Rain fell from the sky. So heavy and dense that sight was near impossible. The only improvement was the occasional flash of lightning which illuminated the white stone gate, the sturdy wooden bridge closed tightly, impenetrable. Directly above it, the image of the Royal crest had been expertly carved into the stone; its raised surface cast slight shadows each time the lightning light struck it.
The rapid pitter-patter sound of heavy raindrops crashing into the moat harmonized with the grumble of thunder. This was soon interrupted by a new sound; a rattling, metallic shake as the chains securing the drawbridge gave way. The bridge lowered quickly, slamming into place over the moat. From the dark corridor on the other side, a pinprick of white was visible, growing larger by the second.
Hooves clattered on cobblestone, a horse’s neigh echoed down the street; the next second, the pure white horse was galloping past him. He leaped aside, raising his head in time to see the rider
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In His Shadow II - The Ancient Forest
The Great Deku tree stood at the place where the deity Farore had first touched the world. All life in Hyrule had grown from and been sustained by his roots, buried deep in the rich earth. As the guardian of the ancient world, every forest-dweller was under his protection and care. The many beasts and creatures, the fairies and the lost ones were all his children.
Their peaceful and solitary way of life had been undisturbed for some time. But the old spirit within the great tree had sensed the seeds of evil leeching their poison into the earth long before anyone else. It was only a matter of time before its first shoot sprung free and flourished in the world.
But tonight another seed had drawn his attention. From deep in the forest, the wails of an infant reached him, afraid and alone. The Deku tree reached out its roots, searching for the lost baby. There was blood around him; the baby’s mother, unconscious at his side, was wounded. Gently, the Deku tree cocooned mother and chil
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In His Shadow I - A Hero Comes Home
Hamlet of Tellura, several miles north of Kakariko Village
Shaiya straightened, wiping her brow in the summer heat. She leaned wearily against the side of the house, breathing heavily. Since her husband had been away, it had fallen to her to maintain the house, the garden, the livestock…and the children. She heard a high-pitched squeal and smiled fondly at her two sons, who were busy playing in the yard.
Her eldest son was nearly four now. Her youngest had turned a year old that spring. The infant was sitting on a blanket, watching his brother with curiosity, giggling occasionally. The dark-haired boy was preoccupied firing a slingshot at some squirrels in a nearby tree.
Shaiya knelt down and lifted the large bucket of water, having just refilled it at the pump. She carried it carefully inside and into the kitchen, setting it beside the sink. Her chore complete, she hurried outside, wiping her hands on her apron. She stopped when she noticed him doing something peculiar. H
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In His Shadow Prologue: The Goddess of Time
Sweet, encompassing coolness filled the hall; a welcome contrast to the burning world outside the temple. Impossibly, it was undamaged by the fires just outside its stone walls, resisting all the world’s evils.
The heavy door closing behind him, he dropped to his knees, the pain blinding. He didn’t have much time, but he couldn’t stop his lungs from taking great heaving breaths, or his body from shaking.
He knew the Demon would make chase soon, after it discovered what had been done to its pet. Glancing down at his spoils from his encounter with the beast, he felt a small satisfaction. A large chunk of its deep blue, armor-like hide and its twin, curving tusks had scattered to the floor. Suitable trophies, he thought.
Struggling upwards with great difficulty, he placed gauntleted hands on his own head, gripping his helmet. He lifted it free, tossing it to the ground with the other objects. The clanging sound of it landing echoed in the hall as he stepped forward. Move
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In His Shadow - Bonus Chapter
Hyrule was in a state of unease. The future of the kingdom looked bleak. The people had begun to lose hope. Even now, the forces that would destroy Hyrule marched upon her gates, ready to strike the final blow.
The King sat alone in his office, his head lowered, his eyes downcast. Outside, it rained. He had failed. He had failed his people. He had failed Hyrule. The war was not over. His army was faltering; their spirits had been stripped. The Gerudo forces approached his city, a dark shadow on the horizon.
The King raised his head; a slow, almost painful motion for him. His eyes were bloodshot, encircled by the darkness of insomnia. His white, withered hands shook like that of a man twice his age. Indeed, he did not look himself. He had aged decades in a single year.
Today should have been a day of celebration, but he could not find it in his heart to do so. How could he, when everything had crumbled so rapidly around him? His enemies grew stronger, thanks to his own foolish actions.
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Broken Vase
"I'm not perfect," I said, and she turned.
Her eyes narrowed.
Her lips parted like she was about to say something,
Because, really, she always has something to say.
She frowned at me, and I thought
That I had said something truly offensive
"Perfection is the broken vase," she murmured, catching me by surprise.
"That still manages to hold itself together"
I blinked. Her eyes widened again. She turned back,
Hands gripping the steering wheel as she stared
I mulled over her words, and she continued.
She told me I possessed the perfect flaws:
I was too quiet, but loud enough when it mattered,
She said that I am too trusting, na´ve, and far too optimistic.
Yet, she believes that I am the broken vase: perfection.
I listened to her words, and I thought.
Sitting next to her that afternoon,
Cityscape rushing by the car windows.
Her hand gripping mine tightly, her words
Hanging between us as she drove.
I thought to myself:
This must be love.
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The Serpent
Like the slithering serpent,
A most misunderstood creature;
They think you are poisonous,
So they fear you and they chase you.
In fear and anger, you rear back,
Intending to strike back at them.
There is hatred in their eyes;
In your narrow eyes lies mistrust.
Fleeing to a dark and lonely,
But safe, place; you hide.
You coil up, warm and secure,
Waiting for the fear to pass.
Slowly, you unfold like flower petals,
You come out of that prison cell,
Letting your tongue taste the open air.
You raise your head to feel the sunlight again.
Shed your skin; it is torn and worn,
Leave it behind you, and start anew.
The dead, white flakes crack away from you,
And you are here, you are reborn.
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